Concrete Finishing

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Over the past few years concrete finishing has become one of the most requested services here at Southern Woods Flooring. Concrete finishing solutions are perfect for covering unsightly garage or basement floors. Because of their durability they are also widely used for commercial and industrial applications. At Southern Woods Flooring we can service an application no matter the size. There are a number of functional and decorative concrete finishing choices to help you with all your needs such as polishing, staining, and epoxy coatings.

Polishing Concrete Floors is the most cost effective concrete flooring solution when considering it's strength and longevity, and we can make those dull gray floors look like a work of art. With benefits like long lasting durability, extremely low maintenance and increased reflectivity, polished concrete is the right choice for any application. Polishing concrete and using densifiers will actually harden the surface of your concrete floor, making it denser and much more resistant to spills and stains; meaning there is no need for additional sealers or coatings. On average, 10,000 SF of VCT while less expensive for the initial installation can still cost $5,000 a year for stripping and waxing, this is why Concrete Polishing will give you the best bang for your flooring dollar.

Concrete Staining is a unique application that enhances the beauty of your concrete floors by adding color to the surface. Using this method, the stain is sprayed onto the carefully prepared concrete floor and allowed to dry, turning the concrete a beautiful color of your choice. Staining Concrete floors gives you a greater color selection and greater control of the final color outcome than polishing but requires a top coating of some kind to seal in the stain. This top coat can be an acrylic coat that should be waxed or a polyurea coating that requires little maintenance.

Polyurea and Epoxy coatings for concrete comes in many different forms. All are long lasting and great for commercial as well as residential applications. Many of our customers select the "chip" application while others prefer a solid colored floor. We can even custom finish your floor using multiple colors to give it a marbled look. The unique advantage to selecting this finish for your concrete is that the color is applied by hand, giving it a one-of-a-kind natural beauty.