Dust Free Refinishing

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Your home is your refuge and a place of beauty and comfort.  Here at Southern Woods, we celebrate the home by helping you maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors for life! Whether your floors need a simple Deep Cleaning or need to be sanded and completely refinished, you can count on us to give you honest, detailed information to help you make the best decision about returning your beautiful wood floors to their like new condition.

Recoat or Refinish?

Recoating wood floors is a maintenance requirement that protects your floors for a lifetime of beauty and service.  This is a 1-day process that replaces the polyurethane finish that wears off naturally over time. Recoating will fill in minor scratches and return the original shine to your floors.  Deep gouges, scratches and discoloration will not be corrected with any hardwood recoat service. 

Refinishing wood floors is required in a number of situations.  If your floors have worn through the original finish and the wood is beginning to turn a grey color, if you want to remove dog nail dents and deep scratches, or if we are adding new wood flooring to your existing wood floors, we can achieve a perfect color match and seamless installation by refinishing the old floors at the same time.  The professionals here at Southern Woods will discuss the details about your particular project and give you honest and detailed information to help you make the right choice for your home.

If you are curious to know what your floors may require, a recoat or refinishing, there is a simple test you can perform.  Find the most worn or damaged place on your wood floors.  Using a wet washcloth, wipe over the area leaving the floor wet and shiny with water.  This is what a Recoat will look like!  If it looks bad it’s time to refinish!

Learn about Dust Free Refinishing

Whether it is Recoating or Refinishing, all of our hardwood floor services are DUST FREE.  Hardwood floor sanding used to be an extremely dusty job and a clean-up headache for the homeowner.  Southern Woods contains the dust by using Bona’s innovative Atomic Dust Containment Systems.  These are the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems available, generating 99.8% less dust in the air than the traditional sanding process.  Our Dust Free sanding system prevents the infiltration of dust into draperies, furniture, cabinets, air ducts and air conditioning systems during the sanding process.  We even offer Bona’s GREENGUARD certified system which makes the hardwood floor sanding and finishing process the cleanest, healthiest, and fastest wood flooring refinishing system available to date!


Beautiful Finish Options for any Traffic or Budget

Our hardwood flooring professionals can help you select a hardwood finishing process that best suits your lifestyle for beauty, durability, efficiency and budget.  Whatever finishing process you choose, UV cured, Water-Based, or Oil-Based finishes, you can feel confident that Southern Woods professionals will give you honest, detailed information to help select the right system for your specific needs.  Our goal is to provide you with a service perfectly suited to maintaining your investment in beautiful hardwood floors for life!

Our Hardwood Floor Recoating or Refinishing Services Include:

Cutting-Edge UV Cured Finishes

This amazing process uses cutting-edge finish technology to dry and cure your floors instantly!

The ultimate, state of the art finish for your hardwood floors
Available in Satin, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss sheens
Provides extremely durable, scratch, scuff, abrasion and chemical resistance
Instant drying and curing with high intensity UV light
Requires 0 hours of drying time before foot traffic
Requires 0 hours of drying time before furniture is returned
Requires 0 days to reach 100% cured status when rugs can be returned

Environmentally Friendly Waterborne Finishes

We offer a variety of beautiful and durable Bona waterborne finish options to meet your budget, lifestyle and needs. 

Available in Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss sheens
These finishes provide the highest level of durability and wear-resistance
Water based finishes won’t amber or change color over time
Finishes are have extremely low VOC’s and are virtually odorless
Requires 12 hours of drying time before foot traffic
Requires 24 hours of drying time before furniture is returned
Requires 14 days to reach 100% cured status when rugs can be returned

Southern Woods Dust Free Refinishing process along with Bona’s premium finish Traffic HD will provide you with a Greenguard certified floor.

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute is an industry independent, non-profit organization that establishes standards and testing for indoor products. Their goal is to improve public health by helping manufacturers build safer products. These products will not pollute the air with harmful levels of dangerous chemicals or particulates. The GREENGUARD Certification focuses exclusively on VOC emissions from finishing and cleaning products and the air contaminants released that people can breathe.

Classic Oil-Based Finishes

Available in Satin, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss sheens
Provides a classic, tough, protective coating for your hardwood floors
Ambers over time to give your floor a rich, deep, classic wood floor appearance
Lower cost than other types of finishes
Requires 24 hours of drying time before foot traffic
Requires 48 hours of drying time before furniture is returned
Requires 30 days to reach 100% cured status when rugs can be returned

Call us now to schedule and appointment to discuss the floor refinishing option that best fits your needs.  We look forward to the having an opportunity to serve you!